So, you’ve bought your new home and you’re gently settling in – exciting! But what about making it your own?

The best thing about owning your own home is that you can put a stamp on it that is uniquely yours. And what’s more, you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so, either.

We’d like to prove that today by looking at three brilliant decor ideas for the four main rooms within your home:


kitchen design

1. Create a focal point

The best kitchens start with a brilliant focal point. This is a common tactic in living rooms, but something people often forget to do within the kitchen. So, pick the largest you have available in your kitchen and either paint it a bold shade of your chosen colour palette, hang a large piece of art or use textured wallpaper.

2. Use open shelving

The latest trend in kitchen wall decor is open shelving. An alternative to stuffing everything into the usual cabinets, the addition of a few floating shelves on an open wall will add colour, vibrancy and a huge slice of uniqueness to your kitchen.

3. Curated kitchen wall

This is essentially another way of creating a focal point, but with a more personal touch. On the largest kitchen wall, place as many frames as you can and fill them with photos of your family and friends. You can change the photos any time you like, thus creating an ever-moving, curated wall.



4. Be playful with colours

If there’s one place you need to be careful with the colour scheme, it’s the bedroom, but don’t be afraid to play around a little. To do this, stick to a single colour palette, but try different shades throughout the room to make it more unique.

5. Pay attention to the windows

It might be tempting to simply throw a curtain across your bedroom window, but treat it instead with the same importance as the rest of the room. The right blind, roman shade or drape will add significantly to the overall decor.

6. Add a bench
You’d be surprised by how much of a difference the addition of a simple bench will make to your bedroom. Just find a comfy one that sits neatly at the foot of the bed and you’ll have a great place to relax that will also bring the decor alive.



7. Choose the right lights and colours

There’s a huge number of affordable lighting fixtures available for bathrooms. Choose from either dramatic LED downlights, or simple, elegant wall lights to really finish the room off. Don’t be afraid to try different colour schemes, darker colours including slate grey are becoming popular in 2017. Keep in mind that design trends change very often.

8. Bathroom art

You might consider the bathroom the last place in which to display artwork, but it’s a growing trend. You don’t need to fill your room with it, either – just some strategically placed paintings or photography will look fab while you’re brushing your teeth.

9. Redecorate existing tiles

If your bathroom tiles are boring, you can spruce them up with removable adhesive tiles, that can be installed relatively easily and removed without damaging the surface behind.

Living room

10. Put the TV on the wall

Unless you’re blessed with plenty of square footage in your living room, space is probably at a premium, and one of the best things you can do to increase it is to mount the TV on the wall. It delivers more space savings than you might think.

11. Use stylish, clever storage

There are a huge number of storage solutions available these days, and they’re all designed to help you hide stuff away elegantly. From integral furniture storage (i.e. hidden draws in sofas) to wall cabinets that swap length for breadth, it’s easier than ever to find ways to hide the stuff you rarely use.

12. Replace the floor

The living room is one of the busiest in the house, which is why a hard-wearing floor is essential. To increase the lifespan of yours and the perceived space, try opting for a wooden floor or ‘posh’ laminate – it’ll make the world of difference.

We hope we’ve inspired you to make your new home uniquely yours. Have fun!