House renovations are exciting, regardless of their size or scope.You might be planning a big two storey extension or simply refreshing the living room with new wallpaper, but no matter what form your renovation takes, it’ll add more personality to your home and truly make it your own space. If you’ve decided to undertake work of this kind but need a tradesperson to do the measuring, heavy lifting and fiddly fitting for you, we’ve got five tips to ensure you pick the best, most reliable professional for the job:


1. Seek recommendations from someone you know

Although not entirely foolproof, one of the most effective ways to find a reliable tradesperson is to obtain a recommendation from someone close to you.

That could be a friend, neighbour or member of your family, but whoever it is, if they can offer some reassurance that they had a great experience and show you the end result, you should be onto a good thing.

2. Speak to your architect

If you’re having an extension built or some other form of structural work undertaken that requires an architect, such people can be great sources of recommendations for tradespeople.

Some will even be able to manage the project for you (although that will of course require a budget increase), but the connections they’re likely to have within the trade should ensure you end up with people on the job who really know what they’re doing.

3. Check their reviews online

Check their reviews on Google and other popular review sites. Are their customers happy ? What are they saying ?

4. Invite at least two tradespeople to your home

You can tell an awful lot about a tradesperson when you first meet them. Those that treat their businesses seriously and value the service they offer clients will immediately make you feel at ease.

If you feel at all unsure about a tradesperson, cross them off your list. If they’re rude, arrogant or too pushy, politely thank them for their time and move on. Find someone with whom you immediately click, and ensure they have some references to backup their claims.

5. Ask for a detailed, written quote

Never enter an agreement with a tradesperson that says they’ll simply invoice you at the end of the project for their time and materials. In fact, if the person in question is adamant that’s what needs to happen, strike them off the list.

Make sure you obtain a detailed, written quote from the start. There will always need to be some elasticity for home renovations, but you shouldn’t be left in the dark as to what everything is going to cost.

Wrapping up

We can’t guarantee the tips above will always result in the perfect tradesperson entering your home, but you’ll stand a far better chance of picking someone who will turn your dream into a reality and do so on time and within budget.