Moving so often as I do, I’ve got to redesign and rearrange my living space more times than I can count. Once I even ended up in a rental where at the central wall of my lovely bedroom was an old, non-working fireplace.

Even though, I fancied the idea of a fireplace in my room, the fact that it could never bring me warmth and light was not so nice. I wanted to find a purpose for this void in my room so I ended up arranging empty wine bottles in it. Now I realise there are so many other ways to use the space and make it beautiful.
If you are in a similar situation or just looking for ideas for your fireplace’s summer-look, here are some ideas that you might find interesting.

The warm heart of books

If you are living in one of those small but expensive city centre apartments you know better than anyone that every square meter is valuable. So why not move your bookcase into your fireplace?
First, make sure that the walls and base of the fireplace are clean and won’t smudge your books. Now you can let your inner artist work. Either fill up your fireplace from top to bottom with books or arrange them in neat little piles, whatever floats your boat. You can even make a small shelf inside the mantel for a more orderly effect. As a bonus, this look will also translate into vintage feeling in your room

books fireplace

Candles – almost fire

If you are not ready to give up on fire, a great idea is filling up your nonworking fireplace with candles. Get bigger and smaller ones of different heights and arrange them in the middle of your fireplace. When lit they will give away different but still warm and cosy feeling of fire dancing in the fireplace.

Echo of the past life

Even though your fireplace might be nonworking you still can bring the smell of wood in your home. Arrange a bunch of logs as if they are just waiting to be lit on fire for a real fireplace feeling. Or if you want to give a bit of creative touch to this décor use some paint to turn the wood logs in fun and attractive pieces of art.
non working fireplace

Use the space well

Nonworking fireplaces can be repurposed to become a practical part of your home rather than a décor. For example, you can repaint the inside of the fireplace and install a shelf. Now you can choose to display your collection of sports trophies or your favourite board games.

The mantel of greenery

Do you have a large plant? Or have you been thinking about bringing some plants in your home? Your nonworking fireplace can now serve as a home for dozen small and large flowerpots. Match the colours of flowerpots to your interior and create lovely design elements as well as bring some life to your room

.plant fireplace

Writing on the wall

If you are looking for something more unconventional why not get a chalkboard installed in your fireplace. Depending on your overall design of the room this idea could be really fun.
Your children will love it. A wall that they can draw on right in the middle of the living room? That’s every kid’s dream. Do remind them that it is the only wall for drawing, though…

So are you inspired yet to make use of your nonworking fireplace? No matter which idea you choose don’t leave your fireplace empty. Unless that is your whole concept. In that case, don’t be bothered, do it your own way.