If there’s one item of home decoration that beats all others in terms of the variety of choice available, it’s colour.

There are literally millions of colour variations to choose from, and once you start getting into disagreements with either yourself or a loved one over two slightly different shades of green for the bathroom, you know you’re in trouble.

Thankfully, there are some relatively simple ways to choose the right interior colours for your home. Here’s our ten favourites:

1. Try contrasts

If you think one colour is boring, create a subtle or bold variation with one colour group by using contrasting finishes; select a warm tone for one wall and a cool for its adjacent space.

2. Be inspired by the colour wheel

Colour wheels are great sources of inspiration if you’re looking for a bold colour combo. For instance, red and green are complementary colours but intense when used together.


The wheel will show you the temperature of these colours and how they react with one another.

3. Be inspired by other rooms

If you’ve already decorated your master bedroom and love it, take a walk around it and assess your choice of colour. Something inspired you back then – what was it?

4. Try visual textures

If you’ve found a colour but feel it needs a bit more ‘oomph’, try adding decorative finishes with texture such as burnished metal, silver or gold.

5. Test, test, test

Tester pots exist for a reason. If you’re unsure about a colour choice, grab one of those pots and be judicious with your testing; add as much of it to the wall as you can and live with it for a week to see how the colour makes you feel.

6. Get used to colour terminology

When choosing interior colours for your home, it helps to understand the lingo. Pastel, hue, saturation, contrast and luminosity are all words that will come in handy as you shop around.

7. Don’t forget the impact of lighting

Colours will change dramatically during the course of the day as the light within the room transforms from natural to manmade. When testing your colours, make sure you do so under all lighting conditions.

8. Consider your mood

Think about your mood when choosing colours. As this is your home, chances are you’ll want to be both relaxed and inspired, so choose colours that make you feel just right. Which brings us onto our next tip…

9. Don’t be swayed by others or ‘the norm’

If you find that a specific colour fits your mood, lifestyle and intended decor perfectly – go with it. If it appears to go against current trends or other people offer sharp intakes of breath when you mention your choice – all the better!

10.Don’t think about just one finish

If you’re getting hung up on matt, eggshell and gloss finishes – stop.


When you’ve found the colour you want to use, don’t limit yourself to just one finish – you could try different types on different walls. There are no rules!

Wrapping up

Most importantly, you should enjoy the process of choosing interior colours for your home. It’s your chance to make what would otherwise be a nondescript space truly your own.