In the age of technology, we are still obsessed with mid-century interior design. Vintage, retro, you name it. We for one love to scroll through pictures of vintage design ideas.

And we guess that you do too. No shame in denying it.

Do you ever come across a great design idea that would fit just great in your home? We have. But after a long day at work big DIY projects always seem a bit too grand to pick up on. So we gathered some easy ideas that are just perfect for bringing vintage design in your living room without much hassle. Mid-century design is about natural materials and positivity. This time in history was the time of hope and just overall optimism about what the future may hold. And you can see this in the design as well.

So read this article and head right over to the nearest flea market. You just so might find some treasure to make your own variation of vintage living room décor.
Living room that’s alivevintage livingrooms
Greenery brings life to any room and vintage loves plants. The catch here is to be original with what you grow them in. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Maybe you too have a collection of antique porcelain cups from your grandma’s time that never see the light of day. How about combining the useful and beautiful? Make a small garden in your porcelain cups. With a handful of earth and a few kinds of seeds you will have your own herb garden in no time.

And while we are at tea drinking, why not use that collection of empty Twinings Tea tins? Or really any tin for that matter. Seed some basil and mint or even plant a small seedling of cactus. Just don’t forget to keep them in sunlight and the occasional watering. Both vintage feeling and atonement of self-grown greens guaranteed.plants

Another way to present some greens and flowers are large and small glass vases. There are so many options – small or big glass bottles, jars, jugs, boxes or any other container made of glass. Put several bigger massive ones and small sleek ones on the floor or a coffee table together. The colour and light play of sun will fill your room with positive vibes. Simple design bottle vases with cut flowers or even empty will bring a vintage feeling to your home

Give some love to your bleak walls.

A super easy way to bring some vintage into your living room is putting up some wall decors or vintage themed artwork. If you have a heart of a wanderer why not find an old world map and put it up on the wall. The bigger the better.

Or maybe get your favourite images and put them in old wooden frames. Make your wall an empty canvas and start putting together a collage of your vintage dreams.
Patterns are for optimism.Vibrant colours and patterns also are traits of vintage but purchasing a new set of blue and green coaches might not be in your future plans. There are other options to get that happy mid-century feel in your living room.

Try getting some colourful pillows and pattern throws for a quick change. And if you are lucky you might find a nice oriental rug in a close by flea market. That kind of treasure will set the mood for the whole room.