As the nights get longer, trees begin to blossom and a distinct whiff of the forthcoming spring season fills the air, the last thing on your mind will be toasty nights in front of the fire. Similarly, who would go as far as buying a fireplace at this time of year?

Believe it or not, spring is actually a fantastic time to get a new fireplace. We’re regularly told the Earth is getting warmer and that, as a result, we’re due some rather hot summers, but the benefits of investing in a fireplace when the sun comes out shouldn’t be overlooked.

In this blog post, I’ve got 5 reasons you should consider getting a fireplace in the spring.

1. They’re a brilliant centrepiece

Spring is also typically a time for renovations and home decorating projects. If you’re due to give your lounge a refresh, a fireplace will make a perfect centrepiece.

Fireplaces aren’t solely intended to provide warmth; over the years they’ve morphed into essential pieces of home decor and can make significant statements within any room. If you’re about to give your living room a serious makeover, don’t forget the fireplace just because it’s warm outside.

2. You’ll benefit from ‘zone heating’

Just because spring and summer are imminent doesn’t mean you won’t feel an occasional chill early in the morning or late at night. By investing in a fireplace (in particular, of the electrical kind), you’ll be able to take the chill out of a single room without raising the overall temperature of the house.

The last thing you want to do in spring is turn the central heating on, and the ability to heat a specific zone with a fireplace will prevent you from reaching for the thermostat.


3. You’ll brighten grey days

As lovely as spring is, it does suffer from grey, dull days, like any season. Electric fireplaces with flame effects can be turned on without emitting heat, allowing you to enjoy the light therapy offered by the dancing flames, no matter the temperature outside.

4. Impress your friends

The warmer months bring with them more chances to celebrate and spend time with friends. Again, leaning on the benefits of electric fireplaces which can operate without the heating element, you’ll be able to entertain in style. Your guests will love the ambiance and perceived warmth created by the dancing flames.

5. They work outside, too!

Outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. Longer nights mean more time spent in the garden and, once the flames from the BBQ have died down, you could rely on your newly-installed outdoor fireplace to keep everyone warm until the early hours.

And finally…


Out of season, you may well find a good deal to be had by investing in a fireplace and you’ll certainly be able to benefit from getting your hands on the latest styles and heating technology before anyone else. Why not put a fireplace on your spring shopping list?