What’s that bright, warm ball in the sky? Is summer finally making its presence felt? Let’s hope so. And, with warmer weather doubtless on the way, what better time to consider an outdoor fireplace?

outside fireplace

Warming up the garden during the summer months may feel rather counterintuitive, but there is far more to outdoor fireplaces than just heat.

In this post, we’ve got 5 reasons you should consider an outdoor fireplace this summer.

You can create an additional room

Just like the space-enhancing qualities of mirrors, fireplaces possess the magical ability to transform any room in which they’re installed. By putting a fireplace outside and arranging the garden furniture around it, you’ll instantly create an additional room in which to relax and entertain. Only this room benefits from an endless ceiling of stars.

You can cancel that camping trip

Unless you’re a seasoned camper, the annual camping trip may be something you approach with trepidation. All of the planning, packing and soggy-tented disappointment makes it anything but a holiday.

With an outdoor fireplace, some cozy seating and a BBQ, you can recreate the best elements of a camping trip in your own back garden (and head back to your own bed when finished).outside bbq fire

You can open up your patio area

Most patios are somewhat dull but can be opened up extensively with the addition of an outdoor fireplace. Combine the fireplace with string and path lights around the perimeter of the patio and you’ll be amazed by how much larger and more inviting it becomes.

You can repurpose that old coffee table

If you’ve got a perfectly good coffee table sitting in the garage unloved, by placing it in front of your outdoor fireplace where a deck table would normally sit, you’ll create a space in which you’ll want to spend more time.

Make the most of your garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a sizeable garden, pick a corner, add some landscaping and place an outdoor fireplace amongst your hard work. That short walk down your garden will feel a lifetime away once you reach your cozy corner. Hey presto – you’ve created the perfect staycation!


The autumn and winter months bring their own opportunities for entertaining but how often have you reached that stage of the year only to look back longingly at the summer and wonder why you didn’t spend enough time outdoors?

Outdoor fireplaces are the perfect excuse to get outside and celebrate those long, summer days.